A technique for parents and professional teachers and tutors. 
A part II

Your help is necessary for us.

If you liked a technique - and you want, that about it have learned others (parents, students  of pedagogical educational institutions and in general thinking people) - help us.

Our project requires material and information support.


I have thought up this technique of domestic and out-of-class musical-aesthetic education in 1986 - and have tested in one of the Moscow schools. Results appeared more than encouraging (it is detailed is described in section " Procedures and technologies " regarding I).

Music  is the most powerful means of education, and certainly - RE-EDUCATIONS - both children, and adults. In fact at a level of subconsciousness, during immersing in a condition of admiration of beauty  of the music, much in the person varies (tastes, priorities, habits, vital values, etc.)  -  that and meaningly the person varies  (here  I do not want to leave in psychological details of process is yet the main thing).

I  for a long time  search  for support  on  development of a technique  -  more precisely,  on creation  iformatsionno-
The methodical  center  for  distribution  of materials and training of parents and tutors to this method.

In the beginning it was in Minkultury and Minobrazovanija - there to me have told, that " all this already  is " (usual lies - as always).  Then  I  addressed  in different schools, including private and "innovative" - but was found out, that education of feeling  of beauty  a little whom interests (much more interestingly and perspektivnee to learn children  to a computer  and a banking). In 1998 I at last (under the insisting of my friends)  have sent  a technique  in  the Center of remote formation "Eidos" of Academy of pedagogical   sciences   of Russia.  To  my  pleasure  and  surprise  a technique  at once have published,  having placed  as well the reference to the original and full version to my site.


I long thought, that it is necessary to find money. And now has understood, that it not the most important - because if the idea and a technique is supported by many people at modern information technologies, the question of distribution is solved very simply.

And can, I simply till now have not grown understanding of simple true - it is necessary to trust more to people, and they then will make much without any money.

You can help also and other ways. Transfer and purchase of the equipment (more powerful computer, the modern printer, kardtridzhi, etc.), payment of the edition of the brochure, purchase of audio and videocassettes for post dispatch there where there is no Internet. You can pay access in the Internet. There would be a desire.

You can make translation of a technique into foreign language - while we cannot pay this work, but it can become your charitable contribution to our project.

If you want to help our project any serious sum of money - to not translate at once all money better. We prefer to receive the financial help small parts - the big sum of Russia will simply select (such things at us trace through the Internet). Therefore the financial help in any size is better for transferring or translating only after personal meeting.

Volunteer assistants also are necessary for us. At the given stage while money yet have not started to act, this work cannot be paid. But in process of receipt of means we can give paid work as that of you who can successfully consult with it.

You can help our project very simply (without dependence from an opportunity of rendering of the financial help):

If the technique has liked you, SIMPLY dispatch this letter (this section " your help " is necessary for us) ALL 5-oe (five) people or the organizations - on your discretion. Can dispatch and on a lot of addresses. It will be your participation in the charitable project.

Simply think: if each of you will dispatch this letter to only 5 (five) people - and it will occur all once a day - less than in 2 weeks this letter all users will receive the Internet in the world.

The part of these people will become interested - many of them have children.
The part read will pay attention to education of children - and someone for certain will start to apply a method or his elements in practice.

In result the world hardly becomes better.

And it will take place due to you.

In total FIVE addresses.

IN TOTAL five addresses.

And make it we can only - those who understands importance of such work (about a positive role and any help of the Russian machinery of state and oligarchy should be forgotten once and for all - these governors will be prevented by our children if they will grow kind and decent

Yours faithfully
Vladimir Solovyov.

The participant of Club of decent sites.
Russia. Moscow.

Phone / avtootvetchik/faks: + 7 934-3937
Mobile phone of MTS: 8-916-14-14-123
http: // Ra.hs.ru/Kids.htm



Rendering the financial help - or paying using a technique as the manual - you enable the author to distribute, develop and improve a method.
You help to create higher level of Culture and education in Russia. And when to live and work in Russia for talented people begins not a feat, and a reality - thousand the talented Russian citizens working on foreign customers will return, and the life in Russia will change for the better.
Responses of parents and professional tutors on the Technique of domestic and out-of-class musical-aesthetic education.
About a recognition of the Technique professionals.  
Hardly more 5-oe  years back, in December, 1998, the Technique has been published by the Center  of remote  formation "Eidos" (if I have correctly understood, this Center works  under  home nursing  of the Russian  Academy of pedagogical sciences). And was as well the address  in  the Internet  on  which  there is an original (constantly supplemented) version is published.

Except for that. If  in  search  machines  a Yandex, Remlber and others to include search on  keywords   " the Technique  of musical-aesthetic education " it is possible to see,  that parental and pedagogical sites refer to  the given   technique some  (can  be  even - tens).

Now it is planned to issue, for example, a technique as the brochure - because  overwhelming majority of children's educational and educational establishments and , especially parents in Russia and the CIS, have no opportunity of access to the Internet. And accordingly

Therefore  interested persons can help to not transfer at all to me any material means   - and simply to issue the Technique on the money in the city e\eee region and  ?acaaou\?acineaou  the brochure  on  children's homes, kindergardens, schools, parental associations  and  other  similar  institutions.  It is possible to sell also the brochure with the Technique through bookshops and local departments of formation. It is possible to advertise also the Technique on the sites.

At once  I shall make a reservation,  that in the Technique there can be rather disputable in many respects the things connected  to the Russian reality - such as she is seen by me. My opinion, certainly, subjectively.

Therefore those who will want to issue the Technique - can remove before the publication from it EVERYTHING,  that  will consider  necessary. It is possible to not coordinate it at all with me. The unique request - to keep everything, as to actually Method.

On November, 3, 2000 the cat of Messes-messes has left this world  (at night  on road in veterinary clinic).
History about it (useful to education of your children or pupils -
Can read through him her aloud), here...>>>

My God, allow me to meet with peace of mind everything, that will bring coming day.
Allow me to be betraid quite to will your Sacred.

On any hour of this day per all set and support me.

Learn me to accept all news within day with quiet soul and firm belief, that on all Sacred your will.

In all words and my affairs supervise over my ideas and feelings.

In all cases pomogi to me to remember, that all is granted by you.

Learn me directly and reasonably to operate with each member of my family, avoiding confusion and afflictions somebody from them - and pleasing and supporting them in difficulties.

My God, allow me force to transfer coming day and all events during it.

Supervise moeju voleju and learn me to pray, trust, hope, suffer, forgive and love.


 ***** the Version is constantly updated *****
In the beginning of a technique...>>>
I search for sponsors and the volunteer assistants, interested to help in rasprostraneii
(e\eee to finance promotion) an author's technique -
Education in children of feeling of BeautyMore in detail...>>>

My children's memoirs  

Has left madjarka on coast of Danube, has thrown in water a flower.

Morning Hungary gift accepting, has rushed off a stream further.

This flower uvidali Slovaks from the berezhka,

Began to throw in water scarlet poppies - they were accepted with the river.

Danube, Danube - and well, learn, where whose gift!

To a flower a flower weave a wreath,

Let it will be beautiful and brighter!.....

A red tie from modest sittsa,
The first gathering, the first klich " Be ready! "

In the dark blue sky I see summer lightnings

Gold pioneer fires

Sing a song as there was, otrjadnyj a leader,

And I quietly shall pick up her.

Also we are young again.

And to a feat are ready.

And to us any business on a shoulder.
Ponder - how many in these words of goods and light, enthusiasm and desire to live highly and beautifully.

We sang these songs in 1962. Yet all was razbazareno that has created our people in 30-50-a years. Traitors and the turncoats who have already borrowed places in the Central Committee and Polinbjuro the CPSU were not developed yet in full force. Still there were 20 years more or less normal life till 1985. Still was than to be proud to people of Soviet Union - which in 20 years will give the Native land on plunder.

About enthusiasm - and everyone such similar. 

The enthusiasm is a basis of success. It was derided and thrown mud during so-called "reorganization". And now we read about enthusiasm in the American books on forming positive thinking and strategy of success and prosperity.

If closely to esteem some serious documents and books it is possible to learn, for example, that:

- Europe and the USA very much have taken much from experience of the state and industrial experience of the USSR in 30th years (for example, a planned economy).
- The USA already for a long time use methods of struggle against plots and the heterodoxy, far surpassing what were applied to enemies of people and the state (without any inverted commas) in the USSR in 30 and 40th years of XX century. For this reason their states so are strong and well protected from any serious intervention from the outside and from within. Other question, that at use of opportunities of special services inside the country rather quickly arises weight of abusings and infringements of the law - but the nature of the majority of people is those, probably: having reached up to authority, they start her to abuse.

Many write to me and ask - as I can work with such sights in the industry of Network marketing. The same to me, " a binomial of Newton ".  Unless business cannot be combined with reading and the analysis read?
Network marketing learns me to grow and become the person. Earlier till 60th years the state was engaged in it - now it brings up swindlers and vermins because normal, decent people are not necessary for it. " On affairs learn them ".


A joke-parable.

Leonid Ilich Brezhnev reads the report on the big party action in the Big Kremlin Palace.
" Our enemies (tts) speak, sho (tts) in Soviet Union very badly there live Jews. (tts). It, certainly, impudent slander ".


Everyone understand, that in a pause it is necessary to applaud.


At this time Brezhnev reflects.

And after a pause thoughtfully also is surprised says (naturally, not under the text):

" And Russian live shto l better?! "

This parable removes very much many questions. For example, that glueing of labels (criminals, terroristvov, etc.) to a national attribute, no less than anti-Semitism, rusofofija and other same are provocations and conduct in impasse.
Another matter - the facts. For example, among living in Moscow and area ethnic..... (Nationality) so much percent are engaged narkobiznesom, so much - are supervised prostitution and sale of children abroad, are helpers of terrorists and other criminals so much, and so much - are fair citizens and before the Criminal code are pure completely. The facts - a thing obstinate.

In general to whom it is necessary, that will understand.


Additions from February, 20 2004 

Concerning a technique has collected dopolno many questions.
I think, that in the near future I shall make new section " Questions and answers - the Technique of musical-aesthetic education ".

For now let to present you some additions, navejannye last conversations concerning a technique.

To whom is the Technique of musical-aesthetic education interesting?

First of all - to parents and fair, responsible tutors, and also everyone who understands, that it is necessary to learn children to Goods.
And that part of youth which parents have managed to impart the responsibility for destiny of future children.

The technique is interesting also to students of pedagogical educational institutions. More precisely, to those of them for whom is vital need to share with children and colleagues all light, joyful and useful, that they learn.
At us it is a lot of such youth (as well as in other countries) - despite of all diligence of dominating shopkeepers (to not confuse to businessmen are two big differences) and their totalitarian capitalism, lzhivo named "democracy".

I not against business. But the present business is a service, instead of a robbery.
With such psychology as at our "businessmen" and them "kryshevikov" from the Kremlin, it is good to fumble or plunder on pockets on the big road - instead of to do the present, fair business, arranging well the country and being a benefactor to people.

Many, by the way, ask - and than the shopkeeper differs from the businessman.
It is simple.
I answer - avidity. At the shopkeeper  of money - always on the first place.
And, I repeat, his heart does not shudder at a kind of torn off and homeless children, the old men, a kitten shivering on a frost or the puppy.

And absolutely not necessarily the shopkeeper is very thick person the big stomach.
As shows a life, the shopkeeper at us can be sports, teetotal and even to hold very high post. In the Kremlin.
Well all right - a theme very separate. Besides and so many ponjamajut about whom I speak.

To whom is the technique UNINTERESTING?

To everyone who does not think and such kindness and beauty does not want to reflect on with what children to whom have not shown in the childhood grow, that.

And to egoists, naturally.

The present pedagogics (all parents should know pedagogics - because all of them and so are teachers) will consist in service, instead of in feeding and clothing (children).

I have seen, that the Technique is uninteresting, for example, to people of art.
Earlier I could not understand - why.
Now has understood: - as well as to the majority of other people in a modern society - they are interesting to people of art only personally and those who admires with them (that is why, for example, separate people from show business so each other do not love).

It is interesting to them kajfovat, instead of to serve.
Kajfovat from itself, from public, from dialogue with colleagues and admirers, from attention of women and men, from the spirits and all rest (is unimportant from what - the main thing kajfovat).
Such people, as a rule,  are not capable to understand, that such service and feeling of the debt.
The main thing for them -  to enjoy a life. All rest for them  has no prikticheski any value.
That is theoretically they, certainly, pro-, etc., etc.
Hardly at them heart is broken off at a kind of homeless children and old men.

Why parents have a feeling of weariness by preparation and carrying out of employment by a technique? As though the car has unloaded.

It is simple. You have got used to other life.
All unusually causes any diskomform - first of all, psychological.
You in fact - not professional teachers. At the majority of you other speciality.

Besides the society - through means of mass Disinformation and diligence of authority (in fact in transparent water a fish to catch much more difficultly) is purposefully overflown with a negative.
And you try to leave for another, positive, a reality - that causes energo-information collision with egregors of evil.
All is correct - for Kindness it is necessary to struggle.
And all to love - for example, enemies who not only on left and on right will give, and still the daughter - pjatiklassnitsu to drugs and " safe sex " will accustom - much more easy. Only here it is morally difficult - when itself g...... M you think - but also to this many get used.

Why you frequently have a grammatic mistake - all of you words particles "without" or "demon" write through "without"?

Because it is competent  - and stilisticheski, and grammatically is "without". Simply ponder.
By the way, so it was written before October revolution of 1917. Then enemies of Russia and Russian have altered a particle "without" on "demon". And in fact the word "demon" has in Russian completely exact and unequivocal value

Responses of parents and professional tutors
On the Technique of domestic and out-of-class musical-aesthetic education.

About that do with children. Why it is necessary to learn children to Beauty and Goods. 
*****   If this section will seem to someone superfluous-
That can pass at once to the following.
And can and not read at all.
It is possible, that my style and a syllable of my letter (as well as a technique mentioned below) are far from perfect - and it is difficult to keep at times a quiet and graceful syllable at a life in modern Russia (seeing that here occurs at a mode eulogized many, as "democracy").

That is created in today's Russia with children - more precisely, that grows from Russian children (alcoholics, criminals, prostitutes, "otmorozki", addicts and narkodilery) - forces to recollect Hitler's motto: " we vyrastim youth before which the world will shudder! "
I do not know, that occurs to children in other countries - but in Russia all this occurs on my eyes.

And the most monstrous that all this is created at full and unconditional actual support of public services, including law enforcement bodies.


From high tribunes bosses of Russia speak every possible high words - and in practice the country all is more deeply immersed in infernalnuju horror which logic is outside mentality of any sane person.

Children from the earliest age involve in all crimes which only can come in a head. All criminal groupings doing the business on children, work practically openly. It is important to understand, that it is impossible to do similar criminal business without support of the state special services - to pay attention that in those countries where heads of the state are not interested in existence narkobiznesa enough, prostitution and corruption, simply is not present this business (because it is eradicated).

In Russia occurs about accuracy up to on the contrary.

To oppose involving of children in criminality very few ways are possible. One of them - education, cultivation rostkov Goods in their Souls. If is rostki Goods on this place grow to harm much more difficultly.

For creation of the Center of Beauty it is possible to help money - that, naturally, demands the certain checks me personally on honesty (that the Center started to work steadily, many money is not necessary).

It is possible to help without any money - for example, it is simple prisovetovav to get acquainted with the Technique to teachers of schools and tutors.

I want to base and develop the Center on distribution of technique MEV - and by and large, me all the same where this Center will work, in Russia or in any other country. Certainly, in Russia this Center will be closer to tutors-enthusiasts. But, on the other hand, in Canada (for example) this Center can work, most likely, much more more effectively (rather than in Russia).
Besides training of children to Beauty through music important in any country - especially taking into account the general tendencies of falling of morals in the world. Therefore to give it is necessary to those who takes. And if, for example, in France this process develops it is necessary there where are ready to take better and to give a technique.

I think, that training  to Russian - before the perfect possession has special importance for education of children in families of Russian emigrants (all generations).
Therefore the technique is better for teaching in Russian. But it is possible and on anyone.


It is possible to solve, certainly, for itself, that in Russia in sense of position of children already all is so good, that all conversations on involving of children in criminality and other horrors - no more than inventions of those who wants to make on it of money (well like as the author of this technique). And Putin supposedly " has taken under the personal control position with bezprizornymi children " and in general - " everything is done, that only it is possible ".

Very convenient position - "it's not my business" or " we and  so already we do everything, that is possible ". The next self-deception - which, suffers absolute the majority of people.

" After whom the bell calls? On everybody, only not on us! " Is it is not new. So thought, think and many people will think in the foreseeable future. Well  is  their choice.

If you really want to help, I am ready to answer your questions. I think, that financing of the similar project will bring more advantage,  than to give money to numerous funds in Russia, the part from which is engaged in all known affairs (washing up of dirty money, etc. - them already so much time on it caught what to speak about this is in detail simply banal).

To learn the child to listen \oi?ioo?\ to music is means, perhaps, to inoculate it against a dirty, platitude, cruelty and violence. Which in a society \iaoai - it is perfect oi?ii\ all more.

Dangers of modern influence on children.
Why we should to learn children see beauty. 
Has looked closely in eyes of the child
Also has seen there century wisdom.
Also has thought: " And what it is possible to see in my opinion? "
           From poetic experiences
First of all, probably, my technique will be interesting to enthusiasts who above all appreciate ability of the child and the adult to see fine - as they on it are capable. If the teacher or parents do not see beauty - better they at all would not work or did not get children. This technique - for parents and tutors  who understand that grows from children, which all childhood and a youth passed by beauty. The method can be used for individual work with the child and for group training - children and adults in common.

Some words about. At me 2 pedagogical diplomas - and I now am engaged in pedagogics as a hobby, that is irrespective of the salary (can, it and enables to work creatively.) For a life I earn the adviser on work with the personnel in the business concerns selling only qualitative production. (In others to work I do not want - it became simply boring as to help deceivers.)

Recently I have made for myself the next banal opening: if many to think of earnings, it is possible to turn imperceptibly without ceremony to the invalid of soul (as one uncommon person was expressed) as dependence on money humiliates the person and conducts his life under a slope.

        " Americans in the beginning 80 complained of explosion melkotemja in the country. Explosion was is thought over is directed to means of mass defeat. The fine theme splits up and, milling, crushs the person. The crushed and one-dimensional consumer is controlled and becomes grunting unit of the market - buys, votes and chews. Our degeneration on a phase has coincided with western, but without their consumption level. To not enter new century unarmed we should comprehend bloody century correctly to rearrange forces.
No room doctrine will rescue us. " The world correct patriotism ", - Gaulle spoke de, and national-state the world did not create the best doctrine and will not create. " It Kavad Rush in brilliant, in my opinion, has written to clause " Time of officers ".

It is told truly and bitingly.

The publicism also should be such - biting, as a public slap in the face to the vermin. Interested persons can look the reference at the end of page.

Therefore the conclusion is clear and simple: the question  with money needs to be solved considerably - or to earn them much, or to provide a constant reliable source of the income, or simply to cease to think of them. And all is better together.

Education of children for me - the project more significant, rather than work in business. The last - is simple an earning of a necessary minimum of money, which, as is known, all will not earn (and for what money it is possible to buy love of the child or the woman knowing that such advantage and chastity?)

I have one supervision. You can not trust - but for some reason in a kind way and humanly I more and more sympathize some provided and rich people. If closely to look narrowly at their life - happiness there, about hard purses, not always suffices (to put it mildly).
It is a lot of meal and money, automobiles and apartments, private residences - and it is not enough happiness. For superfluous money - especially when it is a lot of them and even are earned fairly - frequently it is necessary to pay in nerves and health - the and children. It only at liberal and "democratic" publitsistvov " the son or the daughter for father does not answer " (that from patients you will take?).  And in a life frequently it happens in another way. And it is a lot of cares because of the big money.

In my opinion,  it is wisely told: " at whom it is a lot of money Is happy not. And that - whom suffices. "

I shall make a reservation, that it not a hint - " type - share supposedly on kiddies ".

That at once it was clear, by the way, about my search of sponsors, I not at everyone shall take part money.

Love to children so necessary to parents and teachers is a talent and, most likely, the Charism. If in the teacher  it is,  the everything else - a trick, including techniques. If - is not present, pedagogical work turns to torture both for the child, and for the teacher. And the more professionally the heartless teacher, the is more than harm it can bring to the child. As they say, the more other cheloek sleeps - the less from him harm. I already spoke about it - but as people of an essence zabyvchivae will not remind once again superfluous.

One of main principles of the given method the following: it is necessary to make so that children simply very closely listened to music which you him allow to listen. Sense of the given work -  in that children have detained the attention to beautiful music. Also I recommend to refrain from forcing them to formalize sensations is completely superfluous. At schools full paranoiacs-teachers who achieve from children of verbalization of sensations.

And so, unequivocally refrain from attempts (including for itself) process of hearing of music to formalize and try to explain words about what speaks art - such as " pay attention, how it is high vosparila spiritual power of the composer " or as " spacecrafts plough open spaces of the universe " (or the Big theatre - as in known film). "To plough" - from a word "borozda", by the way - someone has guessed.

An example from other area: " the Sense ajkido will be to train ". The everything else comes itself.
Knowledge is an award for correct actions.

As the pedagogics is first of all practice, instead of fundamental science, it so.

When it at last you understand, it becomes easy, bright and joyful.

Dear daddies, mums, grandmothers and teachers, I understand, that you so learned at school or pedagogical HIGH SCHOOL - but think a head, please! Regret children - and do not spoil their consciousness, feelings and intelligence.


We shall return to a question of some teachers and managers on expediency of education of feeling of beauty at children - especially at children from difficult, problem and poor families.

On children's psychology of the above mentioned type education of feeling ljubovanija beauty seems to "Experts" poorly worthy, and a word "beauty", most likely, is deprived for them any maintenance. Unfortunately, among pedagogical workers the similar opinion and the attitude is very much distributed. They, certainly, can be understood - him frequently once stop and recollect the delight from contemplation beautiful in the childhood - and much that they have meaningly forgotten another and have crossed out. In a life of many people there is a vanity and tyranny of current affairs in a life and on work - whether up to that him to reflect on beauty?

But all the same, it is valid - and what is farther?
Further: at correctly constructed process almost the EVERYTHING ELSE the genius of the composer - and does talent of executors, certainly. And pure feelings of children - and their draft to beauty, and ability to admire (lost, unfortunately,  the majority of adults). And here, by the way, the big question, to whom from us (adults and children) at whom and that needs to study.

And to that,  generally speaking, it is possible to learn at adults  - to smoking, consumption of drugs and alcohol, cynicism, obzhorstvu, to uncontrollable both casual sex and other "achievements"?

Correctly in fact the Christ has told: " Become, as children ".

I long could not understand one very important as appeared, a thing: why many do not see sense specially to be engaged in, to show children beauty.
Recently has understood.  At many adults the feeling of admiration of a life has calmed down. They have betraid the dreams - simply from weakness, owing to which as izvesto, and the set of abjectnesses is made.

My position in general one time has seemed to me naive and any detstkoj. And then up to me it is cunning, that differently and cannot be - easier speaking, for understanding of this technique it is necessary to be slightly the child.
It is necessary, that in you there were pure dreams and high aspirations - which are only in the childhood. If you have not betraid these ideals, and have kept them together with the rests of cleanliness - that you are capable to admire, and to have healthy desire to tell to all world, you have seen what beauty. To this, by the way too it is necessary and easily at desire to study at children.

Separately it would be desirable to stop on the term "involving" - as this process occurs constantly.
The important question: in good or bad the child is involved? To what it gets used - to what processes - external and internal, proceeding in it? To what sensations?

We understand, that hearing of light music gives and develops, and involves in the certain sensations and the corresponding attitude to a life. For example, many of us sang joyful songs in the childhood. I, for example, remember till now beautiful, with fine melodies about friendship and pioneer fires - which I sang songs in 7 years in pioneer camp. And I did not think neither of color of a tie, nor about ideology. And you remember?

One more important point. We need to do the utmost to not suppose situations in which our children listen to all successively, eat all successively, all try successively and with all communicate successively (read - with whom has got).
Why so it is sharp?

Because in the world it is a lot of both good, and bad. And bad frequently has rather pleasant taste and it is given in the beginning free-of-charge in very beautiful packing.

And the person himself is farther asks and searches.

And children need to be reminded of it necessarily - and to us, to parents and the tutors who have taken on certain responsibility, it to remember it is necessary. Because, that unfortunately, frequently happens late. Preventive maintenance obviously manages more cheaply, than treatment

Many parents try to forbid - but only prohibition frequently works poorly and more sometimes harms.

Therefore the technique is good that creates alternative, instead of is engaged zapretitelstvom which pawns in the child a negative to parents. For this reason very much frequently children in an impulse of sincerity kiss cats, for example - I had on a visit a daughter of one my familiar, so she of my cat (tsarstvie to it heavenly!) all izmusolila. And she in general communicates with mother extremely reluctantly - as its mum only exhausts the daughter interdictions and instructions (on extremely measure. The girl, by the way, sutulitsja also involves a head in shoulders - each time as the voice of its mother is distributed. It means, that reaction was already fixed at a level of subconsciousness.
At the child forces are simply selected.

There is such method otema forces in negative nejro-linguistics - to interested persons can explain more in detail, that you could not suppose such reference with your children of teachers and tutors. They a lot of bad speak children about them.
From here - neurosises, cruelty, posylanie mums and daddies to known "addresses" on a measure vzroslenija, desire of girls zabytsjav in sex in 12 years and many other things such poshiba.

How in general it is possible to speak the child, what it does all not so - and then, at once after rough, as a rule, notations and otema forces to force something to do? Mentioned above my familiar (the former schoolmate) takes offence, when I about it speak it. I am simple zaryoksja with it about something to speak - because she " already all about all knows " and " to it all is clear ".
And bolshninstvo from us these mistakes makes.

People constantly pulls in a dirty - not because we bad. And it is simple because "above" it is necessary to apply many efforts - simply there to remain. Here to you and abstention from alcohol and smoking, both chastity, and matrimonial fidelity, and understanding of that abortion is a murder (the last so was always and so will be always).

And it is a lot of that another concerning what some of you for certain will ironically smile.

Here and engaged " means of mass defeat " - which for money publish, sound and deduce any dirty in a video series.

Well and to that we are learned by family and school? If their certain part is corrupted - and at times and excessively?

One I znamomyj the doctor, the person speaks very professional, seen all world, that more than 95 % of people have no future - as not obuchaemu to that is the present vital values. Neither on another's successes, nor on the tazhelyh situations. They can be indignant and whine only. Also bring up children the moral ugly creatures even more sick, than they - as they were typed this rubbish at later age, than their children. And children acquire everyone to the full - the Soul of the child in fact is not protected yet neither power, nor skills of psychological protection. The last, by the way, need to be learned children first of all. As it is done in the closed clans, secret societies and in national obrazovanih where think of a survival. I have in a kind first of all the Muslim nations and the advanced Muslim states - where care that children were formed as zrelyi and integral persons. With steady nervous system and normal mentality. The West and Rosssija in this sense more and more degrade.


The technique also should be considered, as real alternative and antidote from many negative factors strenuously introduced in consciousness and a real life of children (violence, promiscuity, drugs and similar).
Use of a method helps to raise positive feelings - rostki which is in each person.

Someone will ask, at what here feelings? The matter is that the scheme starting the mechanism of acts, is those: feelings - ideas - words - actions. Therefore it is necessary to raise good feelings - and much in a life becomes better.

The method is intended for education of feeling of beauty through hearing of music. Here a number of complexities is removed. The matter is that it is far from being all children (and not only in Russia - there are many countries with poor people and rich governors) - can study in music or drawing, to visit a choreography and badminton.
But simply listen to music ALL can practically. Therefore the problem - to impart good taste - at the skilful approach simply enough is solved.

A basis of a method: a lot of DIFFERENT GOOD music in SMALL  dozes - a maximum of 3-5 minutes - with breaks on short conversations. Everyones " clever explanatories " should be shown to a minimum or are completely excluded (something like " that the composer it highly spiritual product " and other similar platitudes) wanted to tell.

Correct selection of musical fragments is very important. Listen together with the child or with any person who to you is nice - any and DIFFERENT good music. Necessarily - what is pleasant to you most.

Very important constantly to listen to a condition of children and the too. This should study. It agree, that it is difficult - but through very short time we shall be renumerated by a level of education and development of our children.

During work be whenever possible kept from haste and pressure upon the child - and very cautiously consider opinion of some teachers of "enthusiasts", rekomendujujushchih to allow to listen to children to long products. The last similarly on attempts to push into the child the big plate of porridge or soup. Simply so it WOULD BE DESIRABLE mum, the daddy or the grandmother - the opinion of the child and his healthy food instincts of value have no.

Very important for success of employment to create quiet conditions. The leading part thus is played with our goodwill, love and patience.
Construction of a life is an art. And construction good and light inside itself - too. And to do it it is necessary even because the despondency in Christian tradition is one of mortal sins. We understand, that if to not be engaged in construction of pleasure very much frequently there comes despondency.

Presence of such professional quality as the respect for children - even because in them is more the than best, than in us, adults is completely necessary for the teacher. Probably, children this good have kept and yet have not lost, as adults (well and certainly, yet have not typed bad - with whom, as they say, you will be led...). Also it is necessary to help them this good to keep - and certainly, to protect from influence of negative power. It is necessary to appreciate in children good and light - and to help them to keep and increase it (as, however, and in all other people).

Remember: the BEST candidates are our children friends. If you have realized it and realize are will bring a lot of pleasure and to you, and your children.

It is possible to apply a technique at training to music - at any level of possession of the tool. As it is done in good educational institutions. For example, in the majority of the American musical colleges the students training to a jazz, without fail pass both other styles and genres.

Good results are given with overlapping hearing of music with other creativity - drawing, for example. Only to select music it is necessary very carefully - that there was no overload the information. That is done, unfortunately, already very much for a long time - and not only at schools.

It is necessary to reflect seriously and that people from an overload the information to be protected are not able and even are ill. Therefore to us, adults, it is necessary to carry out from time to time a certain inventory - for that it is necessary to clean from the life. And unequivocally it is necessary to worry about children.

It would be desirable, that parents were engaged in education of feeling fine at children more. For today that is done, obviously is not enough.

Why? There is a number of the reasons. Hard times - yes, but they always were,  is and will be. Perhaps,  put in a condition of a society and family at which some mums and daddies count work and sex (they it name "private life") more important, than education of children? And in some years, it happens, children concern to parents as another's people - and it is very poorly warm in attitudes.

To interested persons I can inform various simple and pleasant ways to leave a condition of crisis - and more seldom there to get.

Whether to do to children pleasant at a level of the top power centers - will develop differently bottom (with clear consequences) is depends on display of will and height of thoughts of parents and teachers.


About opportunities to promote or, for example, the dissertation on the given technique.

A question that we want ACTUALLY first of all: to help children or to promote. The technique is simple - and on it hardly it is possible to make the dissertation. As has not made the dissertation, for example, sister Tereza - which all life worked at people.  And The one who has given us 10 Precepts - too in fact did not do the dissertation and career. However very much many people bear kindness and the help. They SIMPLY DO it.

Try to show every day simply to the child (and all around of you) something beautiful - that it felt it the world fine and solar, and not just as consisting only from sex, violence and drugs.
At me, for example, for all life admiration before beauty of the world due to my mum was generated. I remember, how starting years with 2 and up to 9-oe we with it carried out in a wood till some hours. And it has left traces on all my life. Till now a wood for me - one of the most favourite places.

" Improve itself - thousand around of you will be rescued. "
Simply be  all is better and better will be visible to all associates.

Also compare itself only to itself - that you have managed to make today such, what could not yesterday? You have gained what next victory today above yourselves? And never compare itself to others.

Eventually - " In the person all should be fine... "

The technique of musical-aesthetic education is intended first of all for group training is a method of education of feeling of beauty for small groups and families. Both at children, and at adults if there is a desire.

This technique - for parents and tutors who understand that grows from children who are passing by beauty. I expect many - and it is the best  - to acquaint with this technique.

I hope, what the good pedagogical Center - with a direction of education of feeling fine -  both for parents, and for children will turn out? It is possible both library, and a computer department to make - and the Center of remote training on family problems.

By the way, for group training parents and children together there is a technique on which I trained about 10 years ago - there came two nice women from California, from the Center of protection against drugs and alcohol which refers to " Kids Are Special " (" Children - essences especial "). Even abstracts have remained with me - there there are very strong 2-3 methods. If it is necessary - I shall write more in detail. Can deduce on me parents and experts who dealt with children's problems.

I have an idea - to make section or Club for parents with children. There it is useful both my technique, and methods of the mentioned Center in California. By the way, they for certain have also E-mail and a site (it is necessary to look in archive). I think, on their site it is possible to find a lot of useful. Sensation from dialogue with leaders of this Center very good.

There is also a classical problem " fathers and children " - and not only in Russia. And also, as consequence - who is guilty and what to do. Family as the basis of a society, is strongly weakened - here and absence of transfer of experience, and crisis of positive attitudes. And communication becomes already investigatory-causal, turning in difficultly untangled ball.

" Improvement of quality of a life " is both training, and a management to independent work above itself. Concerning trainings - I use, for example, " a method of nominal group " which can be used for group work on any problem. I can show. Saw  in operation and itself carried out - operates well. In  the procedure the high potential is incorporated is of area of system applied engineering. It first of all technological training - and psychological working off goes automatically. By a principle: If the Way correct  - that and result will be correct.

Lyrical digression. Recently at me the following situation was very clearly designated: I have realized and have felt, that I bury in the ground talent or abilities.  I already wrote, that some years are compelled I work in business - earnings turns out above the average, but to be engaged only in it and to care only of, more to earn, has already bothered.

It is possible to create Club where people internally and distantsionno can exchange ALL useful data. It can be made on any serious base where interested persons will consider it necessary.

25.02.99  -  About an opportunity to write down the cartridge for work with children at someone - for example at me. At the first stage it is possible to be guided by those records which I have already tested - and at the further work it is meaningful to exchange such records. I am ready to give such records. At later stages if you do not have opportunity to copy music, I strongly recommend such opportunity to create - as you should allow to listen to children only to music which admires you. Besides the principle " from heart - to heart " works - and it is desirable, that intentions and heart of the teacher were pure. That is the technique is not simply technology or procedure which any person but only sincerely loving with whom it is engaged also process can realize.

Contemplation of beauty is necessary for children in the same degree, as to teachers, and parents. And, it is necessary for adults much more - as is lost in the greater degree, than at children. And it is still important - to not prevent for children to behold beauty. That is it is necessary to be kept from excessive intervention. Civilization  is a feeling of a measure. We do not pull a flower from a pot that it has grown and has blossomed faster - we water it, and under the schedule.
Probably, children - all this-oaee the best part of Humanity. Flowers - with which majority of adults simply to admire for some reason does not want. Continuing allegory - the adult laziness to water these flowers in time and correctly, no less than with what it is necessary. For some reason adults prefer to cut off them and to put in vases - which THEY prefer to choose for children.

And children are arranged more difficultly colors.


04/03/99  - One of the most key moments of work by a technique:  FORMING of the CONDITION of admiration by beauty. First - at itself then it turns out to transfer it to children. That is - speech dodzhna to go About TRANSFER of the CONDITION of ADMIRATION.

On the basis of personal experience - difficulties and achievements -  I have come to a conclusion: 99 % of a free time need to be given forming of positive mood and a resource / working condition. The everything else - good relations with people, earnings and other - will turn out by itself.
It is checked up personally. And to you I recommend.

23.03.99  -  At carrying out of employment with children I play with them even in one game: I ask children to guess, they have heard what tools.

For references: Nightingales Vladimir. The TECHNIQUE of MUSICAL-AESTHETIC EDUCATION
EIDOS-LIST. - 1999. - Aui.1 (5.) -  http: // www.eidos.techno.ru/list/serv.htm

08.03.99  -  the Technique is placed on site "Devichnik" -  in a heading "Kid".  http: // devichnik.ru/9903/metodika.htm

09/06/99  -  Muzykoterapija - from a server Nonconventional medicine
Any of us anyhow reacts to music. Everyone know, that the certain pieces of music during those or other moments can calm, charge energy, inspire or entertain. Experts on musical therapy apply a melody and a rhythm to simplification of physical and sincere sufferings. In the USA to receive the diploma muzykoterapevta, it is necessary to finish corresponding college, to pass intership and to pass the state examination. These sites contain set of the information on musical therapy, its essence, philosophy, history, indications to it and so on. Here too there are data on a trade muzykoterapevta and about necessary training.

Web:  http: // falcon.cc.ukans.edu / ~ memt/mt.html

http: // www.namt.com/namt

12/06/99  -  the Technique is published on a site " Kids and Ancestors ". By the way, very useful site, in my opinion.   http: // www.detki-predki.aha.ru/educate/methods/soloviev.htm

21/06/99  -  Among professional teachers rather frequently there is an opinion, that written here under the form, the used formulations and style of a statement cannot refer to as a technique.

I have reflected. Also has come to a conclusion, that it is not so important for me, as all this refers to - a technique or a basis. It is quite possible, that the method is described by language which differs from that language on what it is accepted to express in the Ministry of Education and on protection of dissertations on pedagogics - I do not apply for scientific degrees and honorary titles. And in general, to tell the truth, I think, that all this vanity "petty intrigues". Still all this name a hairstyle of pigs - to squeal much, and the sense has not enough. Who loves children, it is simply a pity to that to spend a huge lot of time for dissertations, and from their intrigues simply toshnit.

For me it is much more important, that the method works REALLY - and I see, how children and their attitude to beauty vary. And by and large all the same, what criticism officials or experts subject me my method in the field of pedagogical sciences. Children become happier, at them eyes on beautiful and raised - and it for me the main thing are opened.

Today, when for the known reasons in Russia children become a subject of dirty business in which are engaged any more only shadow criminal, but also criminal state structures, it is necessary to train children in vision fine - and it means to arm with their antidote against corruption, to give them in hands means of struggle against temptations, temptations and sins.

I am sincerely confident it. In general to whom it is necessary - that will understand. Both will understand correctly. Also will draw constructive conclusions.


The Chinese psychologists as one of effective medical vozdejtvy at nervous diseases use music. For these purposes in the Peking conservatory the center of musical therapy has been created. The patients suffering depresiej, a neurasthenia, various neurosises and adiposity there receive medical treatment. All occurs, as in usual hospitals and polyclinics. Doctors diagnose the patient, and then do " the musical instruction ". After patients, listening to music, run into a semiconscious condition, the doctor gradually changes a rhythm of music that allows the patient " to give an output to emotions ".
In a result the person starts to feel like much better, displays of nervous diseases disappear.

  " News of medicine " - the Popular scientific almanac " cannot be ", ? 11 1999.

Responses of parents and professional tutors
On the Technique of domestic and out-of-class musical-aesthetic education.
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