Suspend me, the Founder!
Down mad knock of my heart, having calmed my reason.

Besiege my hasty run by vision of Eternity of Time.

Give me among every day vanity calmness of eternal mountains.

Remove a pressure from my nerves caressing music

Murmuring streams which live in my memory.

 Help me to learn magic force of dream,
                    Learn me to art of a minute relaxation,

                    That I could stop and look at a flower,

                    To chat with the old friend, to get the new friend,

                    To play with a dog, to observe a spider weaving the web,

                    To smile to the child, to read through some lines of the good book.

Remind me every day,
That race not always wins the fastest,

That in a life it is important not only speed.

Let me to lift a head and  to look at branches of a century oak,

And to understand, that it has grown such big and mighty

Because dews slowly.

                    Suspend me, the Founder!
                    Also inspire me more deeply to take root

                    In ground of Eternal vital values,

                    That I could grow up to stars of my best destiny.



The resource is the participant of Club of Decent Sites.

The base version - March, 2000. Almost completely corrected and added at participation fluffy, it grey - dymchato-serebristogo,  with white paws, a cat by name the Messes-messes, staying during a spelling in a lap at the author in a blessed and purring condition (up a white paunch).

Make kind business! Take in the house of a kitten!
At us in an entrance on a floor with a cat there live two litlle cats (a two have already taken away).

If you remember the childhood.

If your children grow kind - and you want, that they were even better....

Whether can make someone more poorly a small fluffy essence?


An author's technique of domestic and out-of-class  education - for parents, students of pedagogical educational institutions and professional tutors.
Education of feeling of beauty and harmony at children (and adults) -
With use of musical records.
Beauty for ever it is necessary to live in soul of those,
Who even has once seen her
Forward, my friends!
Time late the new world has come to search.
I am attracted with destiny
Ppod by a sail to be started up following to a decline.

Let force former is not present
That force, that in movement resulted
Both the sky tverd and the ground.
It doesn't matter.
Let hearts hot
The destiny and time have cooled.
We are strong will - to search,
To aspire, find.
And to not surrender.
Alfred L. Tennison

The most important: WHAT FOR?

" Tears of the child Are bitter - make them is more sweet
Ideas of the child are deep - do not neglect them.
Hardly to mountain of the child - facilitate it.
Heart of the child is fragile - preserve it. "
From the Manifest of the organization " Kids Are Special "
            (" Children - essences especial ")
            California, San Jose
What for it is necessary to show the child (and to any person) Beauty?  And why I write about musical-aesthetic (ethical) education.

The most important, that hearing of music is (in the basis), perhaps, the most simple and ACCESSIBLE way of education, of which can take advantage (at desire, certainly) asboljutnoe the majority of parents and tutors.
It about a method - as about a way.

Now - about education.

All normal parents want, that their children have grown (and grew) kind and as more as possible joyful, positive,  well concerning to parents (but we see, what occurs very much frequently naooborot) - and, the main thing, what it is particularly necessary to do that so was?

More and more parents ask to itself a question: " Well as all to bring up children, when around so much bad? "

Application of this technique solves very much many questions education. Try, please, as it is possible to understand a simple idea more deeply: the admiration of the child (and is more often and deeper than any person) Beauty (in this case it is done through music) - THE MORE PLACES IN HIS SOUL is BORROWED with GOODS AND LOVE. And this place will be borrowed very much for a long time - and the will be places in Soul of the person where all will be more difficult be entering  harm and cruelty (especially at present world ustrjstve and positions authority prederzhashchih which go as shows a life, on any crimes - involving in these crimes and children, and adults) less.

My practice of work with children by the given technique has shown: children change for the better, become kinder, quieter and is somehow more clarified rather quickly.

One more very much an important point. To me here one familiar has told, that at all pluss of a technique on my site it is too much policy, sociology and " a lot of negative ".

I answer.
We here not in toys play.

And that here is written - not a fiction, not entertaining reading, not a cud for those who wants " to kill time ",  and very serious question.

The question is a moral survival of children - that part of Humanity, which else while is the carrier of ideas of Goods.

And how to prevent transformation in vertuhaev and terminatorov - as a matter of fact, in bad people.

And we should see and understand really,  what factors and forces influence our children who destroys in them kind and light who is interested to bring up from them prostitutes and otmorozkov.
And it is possible to them (examples are not so necessary).

And these forces influence not only as export of the American way of life - still it is necessary to look, that such " the Russian way of life ". Nobody is set by a similar question - for the clear reasons - answers are too obvious.

In Russia the traitors, especially in power structures and those services which serve them much suffice.

There are limits behind which the patience ceases to be virtue.

There dreams color, Dream us
Also it is turned snakes paper.

There barefooted we run all the summer long.

And all on light we judge

Frankly and bravely.

And, likely, are happy therefore.


Pedagogics - a calling, professionalism and technologies (methods) of work.

 It is better to light a candle,  than to abuse condensed darkness.
Dzenskoe saying
What is the pedagogical calling?

I think, it - when we, having felt pleasure, having seen or having heard something beautiful and useful, we aspire to tell about it  to other people. And to show, certainly, too. Such character trait when testing pleasure and admiration,  wants to share the feelings with other people, should and can be considered as an attribute normalnosti the person capable of fidelity and unselfishness (which, alas, in ours to " the solar country " ever less).

Somebody for certain will tell: " Well also what in it such? Also what is farther? "

Developing this important question, we see, that we see a problem at laymans - or the decision of a question at professionals - with the big influence on associates.
First of all it concerns parents and tutors.

It is told about it very much.

" Be improved  - and thousand around of you will be rescued ".

" Be as less as possible conformed to a century sim, but be as more as possible transformed by change of your mind. "

And still it is important to remember: " On affairs learn them ". It - about the one who can be trusted and to whom is not present.

In what one of eternal problems of education and inheritance of moral values? If for a rank of the teacher applies (and especially it is considered) the person who has lost ability to admire which eyes are closed for vision of beauty of the world - what such pleasure it can transfer that to those both children, and adults?

If the person with pleasure, desire to share this pleasure and positive perception of a life everything is all right, has other question: about  techniques of work (or technologies, procedures - and as they there still can be named).

Without techniques business frequently goes difficultly. It is possible to observe frequently how the person sincerely loving children and interested person like to make better, necessarily torments them is in absence of basic knowledge about tehnikah and procedures of work, and being conformed with only one naked desire (and even something is worse).

Probably, at someone's sight, I speak banality - but there can be these of "banality" everywhere are carried out?

Hardly. People, unfortunately, very much frequently forget that " Volga runs into Caspian sea ".
I do not apply for comparison of the method with the Scriptus - but in fact and " 10 precepts " too at desire can be named banality - so a long time they exist in our fine world, and are known for all.

Besides it is rather dangerous to confuse banality to bases.

I more than am confident, that many ideas this clause, simple and clear, appear news not only to many parents - but for the majority of professionals of teachers.

Therefore I support simple and grandiose idea to exchange letters on techniques of work. I even am ready to be engaged in it in the greater masshabe (for what I search for sponsors - look the reference at the end of page).

On one of the main places in pedagogical work I put education and an exchange of experience in the field of education at children of feeling of beauty. It is possible and is necessary to work and with adults, but it is other theme.

That I offer, is very simple - as technology or procedure. For a part of teachers it is difficultly - to love and respect another children, perceiving them, as more worthy or, at least, equal to. Without it the method practically does not work.

The important foreword to last version (on February, 20, 2004) 

First of all I ask you to be snishodetelnymi to mine (probably, seeming) to verbosity. This my request is inverted first of all to nonprofessional tutors - that is to parents.

I ask you, be typed patiences - a question very serious. And rates are very high.

Believe, I very long refused arrangements of different people to state the Technique in printing.
I - not the professional journalist or the writer - for this reason to me, am possible, difficult to be brief.
And it is quite possible, that any sections need to be reduced or placed in the other order.

Besides a question of aesthetic education - especially in conditions modern tselenaprvlennogo depravities both the Russian youth, and all others - a theme very extensive.
Professional teachers - and - understand those who writes on this theme, that I Techniques is rather summary. In responses it is possible to read even a phrase from the editor of one magazine that " the technique is written simply and without psychological "navorotov".

The main thing I think that the Technique is stated.

It is not pleasant to someone, probably, some affectibility of a statement.
I write, how I am able.

Believe, I try to write how to make better.

The first, that it is necessary to make - be typed patiences and read through section " Actually a technique " so much time, how many it is required for full clearness.
Also does not cost kompleksovat - the majority of you are not professinalnymi teachers, and imeno therefore any things will not be clear at once (and also rigid social calculations will be perceived hardly - the truth is always severe).


In this version I have put the description actually Techniques (as more or less exact and concrete procedure) on one of the first places.

Further there are additions - all appendices about a social environment in which there live our children, about a real role of machinery of state in relation to children, together with others can be read in the following sections.

To me yesterday one known musician has told, that a technique (as procedure) it at all has not seen (that is - the description of that it is precisely necessary to do).
Probably, it is costs of my statement - that a technique as procedure of carrying out of a lesson has been too removed from the beginning.
In this edition procedure is born on first (this) page.


Has ripened one very important question. Me already a little bit person asked: " What it is a method? It is simple - hearing of music ".

One month ago the similar idea was stated even by one my familiar with which we discussed an opportunity of financing by him of my work.
Even it seemed to me, it has thought that I try to receive from him money on "pustyshku" - giving out for "method" simple appeals to listen to good music together with children..

As thus (" simple hearing of music "), probably, many it is very serious question think, and it is the extremely important to clear it separately.

Words which I now shall state, it is accepted to anticipate phrases such as " it would not be desirable anybody to offend ".
However here, I think, a case special.
As the truth - a piece severe I have a choice: to speak extremely softly (not calling things by their proper names) or to tell that I personally think the truth (and someone to offend).

I shall try to find the compromise (though Che Guevara was expressed in due time extremely clearly: " Centrism - a first step to treachery ").

It is possible to tell simply, certainly, that the majority  of people in Russia  poorly understand pedagogics. And - that is much worse - they are inclined to simplifications.

If to be expressed extremely frankly our people (on my supervision), as a rule, consider, that they can professionally argue  on any humanitarian themes - not having any minimal formation in discussed area..

Generally similar the phenomena always referred to as ignorance and shapkozakidatelstvom - when almost everyone counts itself(himself) the expert such, for example, "simple" things, as education of children or, for example, a policy.
Almost everyone whom ask, " everyone understand ", " everyone know all " - and the country "for some reason" completely in dung and blood.
Also it is the truth.  Unfortunately.

A question very serious.
The wife of the rich person, as a rule, well "understands" business (though she as the businessman has not earned rouble).
The person who more 20-oe years has finished HIGH SCHOOL in the field of radio electronics back, challenges a reality of the invention of the world value which have left military laboratories (certainly, in fact since it has finished institute, Humanity is simple in a condition there was something to invent without his participation).
And these all examples - from a real life.

What to do?

On the one hand, other people at us is not present (as the person who much has made for becoming and strengthenings of our state) was expressed.

Therefore - if soon the question arises - it is necessary to clear it.
As the above mentioned simplifications - illness very infectious.
It would be possible to tell, that supposedly " to whom it is necessary, that will understand " - but it would be usual intellectual chistopljujstvom. And we of it have already gorged on before vomitting and frustration of all possible bodies.

We in fact are engaged all in mass education, instead of selection in adherents and sponsors of super-people with super-intelligence..

And I more and more clearly understand, that the Technique is interesting ONLY to those, to is interested in education in children of feeling of Beauty and Goods.
Such people - minority.
To them I also address.

So - about "simple" hearing music.

First, if to listen to music purposefully it by definition cannot "be simple".

That is, if to approach to this question it is serious, it is necessary to know something. For example - to which music to listen, whether it is possible to listen to any classics, as fragments should alternate, that the child (or group of children) have not begun to hate music of "adults" in its any displays, etc.

Already after these "simple" questions clearly, that " simply to listen to music ".-It is usual and, unfortunately, very much frequently vstrechajushchijsa populism (in pedagogics).

Once again - the same, but in other words.
If we shall ask people interested in good education of children (with disinterested - conversation, as a rule, it is simple beZpredmetnyj) - whether " enough simply to listen to music with children? " - that practically at once, in overwhelming majority of cases, we shall receive the answer:  " Is not present, certainly! In fact there is a weight of questions! How fragments of music are selected? By what principle? What criteria of selection  of fragments? How to work with different age groups? About what to speak with children that they listened attentively? How and in what categories and points to estimate comprehensibility and progress in education? What to do, if the child has already got used to listen to music which we count "pop-music" and cheap stuff?, etc., etc. "

And it - only a small  part of questions!

That is - ALL interested people will tell, that the method is necessary. That is - a method, as the system uniting (on any simple and powerful base) answers to these and other important questions.

Try to tell that who seriously concerns to education of children, that for musical education " it is necessary to listen simply to music ".

It is confident, that the majority of people which concern to education as to serious business to which needs to study constantly, will necessarily ask again, that you mean particularly.

And hardly they will be arranged with such installation as " simply to listen to music together with children ".

Who else doubts of my correctness, can check up it and in another way.
In practice.
Take any plays or songs which is pleasant to you and " simply listen " together with children to this music though within 15 minutes.
As soon as you will adjoin to similar practice (which, as is known, in a number a case - criterion of true) at once will see difficulties which are connected by that you do not have method.

There is also one more way to check up as far as it is effective your "simple"  hearing music. Listen, what music is listened by your child WITHOUT your participation. How it concerns to animals, for example? It reads what books? Porassprosite it about the one who his favourite heroes.

Who absolutely doubts that the METHOD here is described, can read responses of parents and professional tutors on the Technique of domestic and out-of-class musical-aesthetic education.

So I give imeno the TECHNIQUE.
Basis - very simple. At first sight. It is necessary to get a grasp.
Further simply do, as it is written. Only it is necessary to work at this stage mind, to strain imagination and intelligence  - because a theme only at first sight simple.

To many parents difficultly even simply to pick up musical fragments. It is frequently simply difficult to allocate time.
Many ask to solve even such "simple" questions as the help in selection of musical fragments and ask to send ready a selection of records.

For this reason we now work above release of the first laser disk (on it will be placed a selection on 3 employment for 45 minutes) and 3 audio of compact cartridges (it is far from being at all are laser CDs-players).
After interested persons practically will work with children under these grants - him it will be much clearer, as it is possible to make similar collections.
Hardly later we shall let out also other collections.

Besides the tragedy of our children (and their parents, certainly) will be, that is real even " simply to listen to music " together with children the majority of parents does not find time.
On binge, petty intrigues, car repairs, circulation on shops behind (superfluous) belongings of time as much as necessary, and on children, as a rule, time is spent by a residual principle.
And that circumstance, that you personally, probably, find time for joint hearing of music with children, a main role - as we here argue not only about your children - has no.

However I am full of constrained optimism  - because mail which I receive, speaks about sincere interest to a technique.
That is I obviously managed to avoid speed up " the unrecognized genius ".

Large pedagogical portals refer to my technique in the Internet also.
And even it is more.

The most important, that at me have collected positive responses and parents, and professional tutors.

The technique is approved in one of difficult schools Solntsevo (it is the area of city of Moscow "well-known" for the whole world) - and results rather encouraging (it was still in 1986-87 g.g.).

Besides usual schools and kindergardens, the technique can be used at work with difficult children and teenagers - including special schools and corrective establishments.

Money, the truth while nobody gives - probably because education of children really and really anxious only at whom in a head has not grown dull from the big money, and they could not me be helped with financial sense. It is necessary even to get and work in debts to the detriment of earnings in an another matter. Well all right, somehow..... With the Divine help.

I am a lot of responses receive from the interested parents and teachers from Russian-speaking users from far abroad (whether at them business with Culture is worse, whether education of children interests our citizens less, it is not clear).

To sozhalleniju, many parents will understand about what here is written too late - when they on themselves will feel  influence of a "democratic" educational system on their children.

Well here to tell?
It is necessary to pay for all.
At everyone the way.

It is just necessary to understand as soon as possible, that the repentance does not cancel weaknesses and abjectnesses. Absolution is a lie of what in "business" have left already very far from precepts of the Savior.

Additions from November, 1, 2003. 
*****   If this section will seem to someone superfluous-
That can pass at once to the following.
And can and not read at all.

Certainly, different people very much differently concern to the Technique.

It seems to much, that all is simple. Correctly - idea and a basis simple (it would be strange to tell about especially practical method in categories of complex philosophical concepts).
Simply also should be, that it was possible to string on this simple basis beads, pearls  -  and other beautiful things, concepts, sensations, etc.

Someone considers, that the Technique is too complex (and such people too very much).
But they sincerely want to understand.
Therefore I want to facilitate him the decision.
Practically all challenges will consist of sequence of MICROPROBLEMS - which separately are solved very easily.

SIMPLY give these 25-40 minutes in day. To listen to melodious, beautiful music (besides) it is very useful for health, to relax - first of all to you (adult), to have a rest from this crazy life.
Besides hearing of music - one of the best variants of dialogue with children.
It is very easy - necessary to allocate SIMPLY for this purpose 25-40 minutes into day.
Through very short time you will see FLOWERS of BEAUTY which will blossom in Souls of your children.

It is necessary to understand a simple thing very precisely. In the person - and in children, it is natural - is both good, and bad. It is shown both that more often, and another - all depends on influence.
If we want, that our children were kind it is necessary to influence on positive and kind.
Otherwise - most likely, and and occurs - in most cases someone influences our children, raising in them bad and criminal bents.
This crime? Certainly!
And the crime to someone is always favourable. It is known very long time ago.

" To sow reasonable, kind, eternal ".
It is a great phrase. And not casually these words - as well as many others same - are meaningly derided by smart madmen. If person to deprive with roots it is possible to do of him easily the one who will execute any orders.

For this reason in an education system of Russia (and other countries not exception) - children at school learn more all to a volume that is necessary for our slaveholders, and less all to Goods and Judiciousness.

And to that actually to be surprised that? To us many years inspire rubbish about our so-called to " exclusive high spirituality " (other people to see a lot, the second grade), that five millions bezprizornyh children in Russia is only statistical unit in comparison with our national Russian "bogoizbrannostju".

Besides our people simply specially hold in information vacuum (from his consent, certainly)  - concerning everything, as to improvement of a life. And in fact in the best (and very expensive) the European neurologic clinics. For example, daily hearing of music on half an hour in day treat tazhelejshie nervous diseases.

In general, I invite you to make a life better.

Responses of parents and professional tutors
On the Technique of domestic and out-of-class musical-aesthetic education.
Actually a technique - as more or less exact and detailed procedure.
Education of feeling of beauty at children - with the help of hearing of music.
With romantic derivations. 


Beauty for ever it is necessary to live in eyes
Those who  even time has seen her.
In the beginning it is necessary to prepare 25-30 musical fragments for 3-4 minutes from the most different musical genres: classics, a jazz (diksilend for the beginning - also become cheerful), fjuzhn (an alloy of music), a platform, bards, folklore, children's songs (including - and from children's films). In general  -  everything from what you test delight.

      * Can be -  delight even shchenjachy, and children's.

Sometimes there is a question: what for such "russian salad" from different styles is necessary? And whether better to listen to 45 minutes one serious product?

I recommend those who such asks, in the beginning it to test on myself these most 45 minutes.  Several years ago there were " Musicales for youth " under management Vinogradovoj. At me personally children listening big product in mediocre execution, caused pity - was to see their persons enough.

Practice shows, that children, in the majority without preparation, hardly listen  to the big products - and especially, in execution, far from perfect. In opinion of the big musicians, the majority of classical records on phonograph records needs to be thrown out, preliminary having cut that anybody already has never heard them. Owing to bad execution.

It is necessary to take into account also, that we cannot tell beforehand precisely, which music is pleasant to children.
Among us there are enthusiasts of classics. Either a jazz. Or folklore.
But in music many fine styles and directions.
And let ALL flowers blossom. And let children listen to different music.

It is necessary to allow to try.
In "homeopathist" dozes - as civilization is feeling of a measure.
It is not necessary to force to listen to children a lot of music -  and only what is stacked in the program of musical school.

With children's souls it is necessary to address carefully - we do not pull a flower from a pot that it has faster grown, and we water under the certain schedule and we wait patiently when it will blossom.  And the computer we protect. And the automobile. And cleanliness of clothes we watch.  And children than worse our things - why we them so address? Can, and with them it is necessary to address so carefully? Besides banality - however a reality shows just rare execution of this "banality". And, " all all perfectly know ".

A cycle of work the following: explanatories - a soundtrack - summarizing on the heard fragment (look below more in detail);
Further the cycle repeats.

The teacher or parents at work need to be kept from inventing something too original as the main thing is already made: namely - music is written and executed. Present, for example, that the soloist of a chamber orchestra at execution Gendelaja will start to experiment at a concert - ridiculously, the truth?  In fact our role - the engineer of children's souls. Our problem - maximum to observe cleanliness of a method (is more detailed about it in " to Game in beads "). And experiments here need to be carried out very cautiously.

Also it is necessary to take into account 3 important conditions:

1. Music should be well conceived - and to cause delight.

2. Execution should be maximum high level. On this theme it is necessary to consult to understanding people (on children to experiment it is not necessary in any case).

3. Music should be necessarily light. It is necessary to be kept from hearing music and songs which torment the person and accustom it to experience. Soul with excessive sentimentality to torment it is not necessary - tears in a life and so suffices, and it is not necessary to increase beforehand negative emotions in addition.

I similar with myself did about 25 years - listened, that has got, in summary it was necessary to pass through rather heavy situations. And me has simply carried, that I through them have passed and it became stronger, instead of have surrendered. I do not speak already that I till now should pick out from myself that dirty which in me napihali at school.
So to risk I do not recommend. Though all the same everyone do in own way - as at everyone the way.

We shall continue conversation on procedure.

It is possible to prepare for musical fragments on laser disks - however it will be expensive for the majority of parents and teachers (and in an amicable way 2 CD players is required).
But with "lazernikom", certainly, much more conveniently.

It is better to use 2 cassette tape recorders. (It is possible even one - on a case of a difficult financial position - and cartridges can be changed on a course of explanations between soundtracks. But one tape recorder - an extreme variant as during explanatories it is necessary to give all attention to an audience.  Or it is necessary to prepare for all soundtrack beforehand - but beforehand to provide a situation in details rather difficultly (I know on myself - it was not possible practically never).

Record it is necessary to prepare beforehand - to pack a soundtrack during work with children it is not necessary. I write it for parents. Professional teachers " Preparation for a lesson " very seriously studied a theme and in institute.

It is possible to write down also by one fragment on each audiocassette - that it was possible to pack "on the move". Audiocassettes for 10 minutes are sold.

At selection mentioned before 25-30 (for the beginning) fragments  on several cartridges there are 2 variants:

1. To pick up on each cartridge on 5-7 fragments from different genres.

2. To write on each separate cartridge fragments from one genre.

I personally prefer 1-st variant - that is when all soundtracks are written down on one cartridge.
Here it is important to observe also a certain integrity of the form - as YOU represent it to yourselves.
Besides it will be much better, if during hearing music by children you listen together with them, instead of suetites with the equipment.

For an opportunity to correct and enter spare variants I recommend to use 2 cassette bobbin tape recorders (or it is better than the SD-player) -  that easy while children listen to pick up and establish the following soundtrack, if you feel (or see), that somehow it is necessary to correct that variant which you planned earlier.

An important point.
It is very easy to be deceived by seeming simplicity of a technique.
The sculpture in fact too is done simply - all is "only cut superfluous.
Or the picture - is "simply rendered a paint on the necessary place.
On a site I have already written in detail about fans all to simplify (osobennoo - process of education of children) and temptations - for example to show "erudition" in so "simple" kinds of activity, as pedagogics.

By the way, esteem something about " tea ceremony " much becomes clear to you.
In books about ajkido a lot of place, for example, is devoted to such principle as " simply do " - as well as in books about business.

Simplicity of the base scheme allows you to concentrate on the main task - to make your lesson a work of art.
Pedagogical art.
And this work of art can be created and executed at participation of the executor, the composer, your participation - and, the most important, children. And you, as the conductor, should be iskrenni - and to be able to feel pleasure of that children take pleasure.
Then you will be the good conductor \ the organizer \ the participant of process.

To listen to music it is necessary with breaks and, in general to do all this as game - and in a mode of constant dialogue with children, especially in breaks between musical fragments.
Difficultly in loneliness to play table tennis or in badminton - as well as in any command game.
I recommend to read in this occasion, for example " Game in beads " Herman Gess.
Also there is a tremendous film - "Forrest Gamp".
If cannot buy (all the same 100-150 roubles) - call me, I shall help.

Frequently parents and tutors are afraid, that children, especially small, " badly will understand " any music.
Adults for some reason think, that if him something is not clear, to the child and podavno.
They are mistaken - and actually it happens on the contrary as at children much better adults the figurative thinking is advanced more often, and him much does not need to be understood (to measures of adults).
In my practice there were absolutely small kiddies - 2-3 monthly age  - they did not understand precisely any "clever" explanations.
By the way, use of records of silent quiet music - very good way to get rid of children's shout in families, where kiddies absolutely still small.

Recommend as well to pregnant women more often to behold beautiful and to listen to beautiful, quiet, necessarily melodious music - which causes sensation of opening " Ways upward ". It is possible to name also it a condition " has condescended good fortune ". Husbands of these women also should understand these questions.

Be careful of music which works exclusively on the bottom power centers. It - just that music which modern teenagers and young men listen in discos. Therefore accustom beforehand children to other music - the risk of the use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs at the same time will decrease. By professional researches is really.

It is desirable, that duration of musical fragments - especially at the initial stages - was on duration no more than 4-5 minutes - it will be better, if the fragment will be terminated earlier, than will pass interest or sensation of novelty. That the child has left after employment with desire to listen still somewhere in the other place - for example, houses with parents.
By the way, during similar employment very serious problem " fathers in part is solved and children " is a stratification has already today very serious social and demographic consequences.

Each fragment needs to be prepared and drawn very much somehow words any picture or a video series - for kiddies till 10 years it is possible to draw a picture, similar to fairy tales. To children is more senior better simply to explain, that this music (for example, classics) was listened already with millions people; and " really in this music there is nothing such, what would be also  to you, guys, interestingly? ". It is necessary to make so that they have reflected: " And it is valid, can, there something is, if so many its people listen ". Practice shows, that children so-called " difficult age " at such unostentatious and valid approach perfectly perceive classics (but I repeat - in usvojaemyh dozes).

It is possible to connect and other elements psihotreninga - for example (before hearing of a fragment), progovarivanie pictures with the closed words.
On this theme there are very good methods developed by the organization " " Kids Are Special "             (" Children - essences especial ") California, San Jose.
I participated in their seminar in 1990 - impressions very strong.
By the way, at presence of the minimal means they could be invited to Russia.

One more important point.  Your explanatories should be minimal - and, the biggest, can be similar to a fairy tale-picture. At all it is not necessary even to try to be engaged in explanation-imposing of that " music " means. If someone all the same will have a temptation to engage slovobludiem, I recommend slightly porassuzhdat: if, for example, Sergey Vasilevich Rakhmaninov considered necessary to leave " written instructions " or methodical grants as it is necessary to understand his music, it probably would make it. And if the master, no less than  all other great composers, before has not guessed, also to us it to do too much.
And in general - for what then art is thought up? Perhaps, to express about what it is difficult to tell words.

Leave to children an opportunity, at your minimal influence, to solve, that such music means. And - advice for parents, unsophisticated in pedagogical technologies and skills -  do not take in head to pull from the child of a word about " high spirituality of product ", about a wood or any " a lunar path ". The only thing, that you can make, it to share the impressions, besides  -  in the minimal volume.
And better ask the child, what impressions at him - but without "chewing" and helps. Otherwise your child will be too frequently and to think only stereotypes much.

In general, in any case it is necessary to make so that children simply closely listened. In certain - quiet, first of all - a condition.

Sometimes there are difficulties - conversations in an audience in an operating time. I solve it simply: I warn in the beginning of employment, that at conversations I shall simply switch off record; and when guys all the same start to rustle or talk, I really stop a soundtrack - and I ask once again, whether interestingly that we listen. To be confident in polozhielnom the answer to " 100 % ", it is necessary to begin employment with vigorous music which is pleasant unequivocally (for example: Tiger-Rag - Luis Armstrong) during which  children can even jump and shout. The records bearing similar pedagogical functions, should be necessarily concert - there are well audible both laughter, and enthusiastic shouts in a hall. In general - alive music.

Here one more psychological moment is simultaneously fulfilled - children start to trust the teacher. Thus as it has been told, it is necessary "to stir" kiddies joyful and alive music. Their excitation proceeds some minutes - and in this condition they will acquire both classics, and any other music of various complexity.

The reference with children should be extremely valid. At the same time, children who simply like to prevent anothers come across and in an amicable way do not understand. I have been some times compelled to expose kids from a class, I am more senior than guys carefully I deride - in the beginning having tried to them to talk personally a little, to ask more precisely, and is even more exact - to have a talk). There is also a way rather simple - to stop music and silently to wait, when the mischievous person will calm down. As a rule, it does not maintain silent pressure of others to which it is really interesting.
In any case to test negative emotions for the teacher or the parent - it is inadmissible. First, it at once is badly reflected in children and attitudes with them, second - physicians have proved, that all illnesses from nerves.

After the first alive and vigorous fragment it is possible to listen besides to a jazz - but is already quieter. For example, Djuka Ellingtona - it is easier and poarhaichnej, almost diksilend.

And number 3 or 4  I always, as a rule, allowed children to listen to classics. For small sometimes Dm. Kabalevsky, Vivaldi, Bah, Handel. Like A.Shnitke and other modern writers children without special formation and preparation, as a rule, do not perceive complex music.

When I  declare that " now we shall listen to classical music ", at kiddies the certain disappointment, as a rule, is expressed. With this situation I work as already described way - that is " let's listen to a short fragment - and there it will be visible. And suddenly it is pleasant? " And further in the same key.

The main  difficulty for teachers or parents (it is desirable for them to study in pedagogics - differently what for was the child to get?) is a notorious skill " to love the near " and to see in the small person the best, that in it is. That is difficulty in, whether is in us warmly with which associates can be warmed. Yes - here in fact - it is found out, that ourselves much in that need to study, it appears.

Extremely important it is necessary for teacher to have good musical taste itself.
If you have doubts on this account - in sense, about your taste is in any case well.
But how to be with preparation for work with children? There is a simple way: before working with an audience,  hear the written variants some times. Also listen to itself - to you attracts to listen to what you "navajali"?
It is possible to make easier - address to me. I shall give you already absolutely concrete instructions - simply ready list of pieces of music.
And it is better to do both that, and another - in any case it and is pleasant, and useful.
From practice of dialogue with teachers and parents I can tell: for many appeared a pleasant surprise, that such work is simple and pleasant - it is necessary to try once only.

Important to children to talk - as with equal more often. It is better, if you understand, that it actually indeed. And in general - it is necessary to let know to kiddies or it is sometimes better to tell directly, that you are interested with their opinion.
And ask more - they to you about themselves will tell all. It is just necessary to have patience to listen.

There is one more game reception allowing noticeably to recover employment.
I speak: " to you at school put estimations? "
" And now you will put estimations. "
It is interesting to them - because unusually.
I distribute to kiddies leaflets on which I ask them to put estimations - for " music ? 1 ", then for " music ? 2 " and so on.
Sometimes children ask, it is necessary to sign surnames. I playfully answer, that " and as! " And if who will put for classics "two", I shall put that in a corner or to a call of parents in school. If the humour is not understood, I speak once again, that I am interested with their opinion. (Recollect, whether frequently at school your teachers spoke you such. Have recollected?)
After my answer of the attitude noticeably get warm.
And I ask children to answer fairly - if it was not pleasant, so it was not pleasant.
After each fragment I ask to lift hands - at whom the five; then at whom the two. So - in breakdown.

I collect leaflets at the end of employment  - houses I put points and I divide the sum into quantity of students (average arithmetic). Thus, it is possible to receive statistics on various genres - and also to trace progress in perception, classics, folklore, fjuzhn and another, "exotic" for the sredne-Russian school. The mean score, as a rule, increases.

A case from practice. From the first listening Rakhmaninov's 3-rd concert was estimated by pupils of one of 8 classes of enough started school on the average as 3,95, that is practically - 4. Children of 6-8 years "eat" practically any civilized music. And, by the way, do not perceive in any way music shouting such as "metal" or "rave".

Djuk Ellington has somehow told, that " the fate is not music, and the social phenomenon ".
Pair of words about mine about own musical tastes. I like to listen to different music - for example, organnuju to music Baha I listen more often. Very seldom - and all less often - I with pleasure listen " Deep Purple " - to "Fireball" or " HighWay Star ".
But it is necessary to remember, that this music all the same not modern fate, and melodic 70th years - then the ugliness on a stage was not accepted yet.
And sometimes I would like to listen only to Russian national songs. Or singsongs of the Don and Kuban cossacks. I listen to church music very seldom - I simply badly understand her. But, I repeat, these are my personal tastes - and children need to listen to different music.

Frequently I ask to the following employment somebody from children to prepare minutes on 20 soundtrack - and to lead his lesson with my help. Who wants, can to execute something itself also. It is possible under a guitar - or simply to play on flute either on an oboe, or on a balalaika. Or on spoons if it would be desirable the child. Thus, at very early stage - sometimes already in 5-7 years - propensity to pedagogics at children comes to light and formed.
Look narrowly, children in general very much like to share pleasure with others - and with adults, by the way, too. Only adults for some reason do not appreciate it and do not encourage - do not know simply, likely.

At the end of employment I ask children to grade me personally - for the lead employment.

In general, the main thing that all time was interesting and is warm - and to children, and you.

Now - about modern youth music.
I personally simply do not listen to her. But it is not necessary to abuse any rave at all or hivi-metal. That who will practise my method, I recommend to prepare some similar records on separate 1-2 cartridges.
Further it is simple. You play metal or - children it closely listen to a rave. And after that play, for example, Antonio Vivaldi for an oboe and string - something very raised both romantic, and the main thing clear  - one of I.S.Baha's choral preludes or something similar. And then - again "metal". It is possible and in the beginning melodious classics. Then ask - well and how? As a rule, to children all is clear. Remember about estimations for 1, 2 and the third fragments.

All is learnt in comparison.
There is such ancient parable. One wise man has drawn on sand a stick a line - and has asked the counselor to extend or truncate this line, not touching to it. What has the counselor made? Try to guess.

Once again I want to remind, that it is very important to interrupt a fragment before it nadoest - and is better, that refers to "spent", that is just when it became absolutely interesting - that this impression remained. That it would be desirable to listen still. At home, for example. That there was a feeling of a demand - instead of exhaustions.

An important point. Before the beginning of a lesson I always speak children, that any of them can leave employment, anything to me not explaining - the only stipulation is leaving between musical fragments to not prevent the rests. Thus, one of psychological barriers - " well here is removed, 45 more minutes to sit at this such - sjakoj school ".

Once at me the case was. In a class has jammed the person 50 (2-nd and 3-rd class) - and I him have suggested to listen, while it will be interesting. Naturally, the break of 10 minutes every 45 minutes was (to air a premise - that, by the way, in the majority of schools it is not done by years. Windows in classes are simply hammered by nails tightly. And it is no wonder, that children at school are ill. One more separate theme.)
Any child could leave at any time. The person 15 have left, and other children rather pleased, listened to music from 12.45 till - then I have stopped experience.

Reaction of some teachers of school and administration to my employment is interesting. About administration - conversation separate, and the case with one teacher is very indicative. At the end of a lesson (45 minutes) on which she was present together with its 3-rd class, we listened to "Mirage" of ZHan-hatch Ponti. The lesson has ended, children have started to miss - and at this woman children's expression did not descend from the person pensive-enthusiastic, any, in good sense. I ask: " That with you? ". And she speaks: " I never thought, that music can be such beautiful! " I then wondered, what at it for a life such was? I have for a long time remembered this very indicative example - for our country. Someone has told, that " Russian is not the nation, it is destiny ". (Only I ask to not perceive it literally.)

At me on employment once 3 akselerata-seventh-graders have answered the checking commission which has been adjusted against my employment, that they have opened for themselves classics. I remember, it was for me the big surprise - and I once again have made sure, that knowingly I work.

All to tell for once trudnovato. Ask questions. In Moscow I can help and lead demonstration lessons.

The technique also is especially good for children deprived usual (is more exact as it is found out, unusual) a human heat - from unsuccessful families, and also contained in children's homes, in colonies and prisons. The blessing, is not necessary many money. To tell the truth, with a human heat some teachers in similar institutions can have problems - but I think, that all the same it is more than good people, than bad.

The method is good and for those families where do not presume to buy a musical instrument and to spend money for the teacher. Hearing of good music - no less than dialogue with positive people - gives good educational effect. As in a zen - " from heart to heart ". It is even better, when heart pure.

I always use a case to ask them to write to me something that is pleasant to THEM. It is very interesting to observe, how tastes vary.

Our problem will be, that the child himself wanted at home independently or with friends and parents to listen to that music which it listened with you. Or any another - but beautiful. It concerns also remote training of teachers-tutors and parents.

To all interested persons I offer also a technique " Technics of improvement of quality of a life " - more in detail the letter. In general the theme of family psychology requires separate discussion - I am ready to discuss this theme.

I shall notice, that during the period of "stagnation" of authority concerned to my work, as well as in general to similar problems, incomparably better, than now. I remember, how to me the administration of school prevented to work - and I have gone to a district committee of the CPSU. It was in 1986. The order have guided for 30 minutes - have called in school and have put on a place so, that it not seemed a little. Comments izlishni. And a conclusion idle time - now a situation completely another. And we can take care of our children only - besides too much around of those for whom our children are necessary only that temporarily popolzovatsja.

One of advantages of the given method are the minimal financial expenses.

Music I select that is pleasant to me. Only so. Otherwise it is impossible - children can be given only with what you admire.

As well as all that you give to people. Clearly, that the world lives sometimes under other laws. But it already a choice of everyone - what to do first of all: to take from people or to give people.

Examples - make, as it is pleasant to you.
Can do also it together with children.
For example, it is possible to make fragments by a principle: " one the child puts, one - you ".
The daddy can make it with the child - and to make to mum a surprise.
Mum can make the same.
Then the child can make - and even itself to lead employment, and the daddy with
Mum will put estimations.
In general, it is possible - at desire - very much mogo that to think up.


Musical fragments.


The main thing: make programs for employment how it is pleasant PERSONALLY to you
1-st concert for f-but with an orchestra - Dmitry Kabalevsky
Tiger-Rag and another - Luis Armstrong

St. Louis Toodle-OO - orchestra Djuka Ellingtona, 1927.
S.V.Rahmaninova's 3-rd concert for a piano with an orchestra.

" Thirty three cows ", " Veins yes were bradobrej " - from film " Mary Poppins, good-bye ".

Dmitry Pokrovskogo's ensemble - national songs.
Ansabl "Pesnjary", Belarussija - national songs first of all.
" Solar dance of the Mediterranean " - El di Meola,  John Mak-Laflin,   - concert record.
The Indian folk music
Folk music of different peoples
" Roots of a lotus " - the Mahavishnu-orchestra.
Jeanne Bichevskaja - ballads and national songs.
Latin orchestral music - ballads
"Irakere" - an orchestra, Cuba.
ZHan-hatch Ponti - "Mirage", etc.
Alexander Dolsky  - " Two boys " and many other things.
" Concerts for an oboe and string " - Antonio Vivaldi.
" Koncherto grossi " - Handel
Products for body, the Brandenburg concerts - I.S.Bah
Guitar - classics and modern music.
" I dreamed to live, as a dolphin " - "Rondo"
Music from films - beautiful ballads - our and foreign (for example, from e\o "Tutsi").
" Dire Straits " - basically,  ballads.
Jazz - basically, diksilend.
Orchestra Sadao Vatanabe.
Dejv Grjusin.
Classics - on your discretion.
Ecological jazz - " Wolf Eyes "
Irina Surin - practically all Russian national songs.
Orchestra of Field Moria.
Armik - modern guitar music.

In general, everything, than you admire. Around it is a lot of tremendous music.

Soon on  sale the first will appear a selection of records.

Look narrowly at children more - and if to you will carry, you will see, how many wisdom at them in eyes. Perhaps, you even can learn at them to something.

I recommend before dialogue with children to pray. On your discretion, naturally.

Yours faithfully


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And it is a lot of others - if will send me names, I shall be grateful.
The full list - n to the main page.

All I shall answer questions and I shall send more detailed description of a technique and the full list of pieces of music.

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I search for sponsors and the volunteer assistants, interested the help e\eee to finance promotion of an author's technique - education in children of feeling of beauty. More in detail...>>>
Education - from a word "light". It means - to shine events. When there is light - it is visible to people much better, that occurs actually. And when they see really brightly when it is clearly visible who is who, and that is that - to them to make the decision more easy.

The most important: WHAT FOR?
Responses of parents and professional tutors
On an author's technique of domestic and out-of-class musical-aesthetic education.

Look narrowly at children more - and if to you will carry, you will see, how many wisdom at them in eyes. Perhaps, you even can learn at them to something.

I recommend before dialogue with children to put in order your feelings.

Yours faithfully


The brief bibliography on a theme  " High quality of a life " 

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Good films - art, musical, animated and others.

"Forrest Gamp"
"Healer Adams"

" Society of dead poets "


" Where withdraw dreams "

" Seven years in Tibet "

" The person of Renaissance "

" Day of a marmot "

SHirli Myrli "



" The legible groom "

" Dances with wolves "

" Smell of the woman "


" Inveterate swindlers "

" The fool and his money "

" The ascention to the Everest "

And it is a lot of others - if will send me names, I shall be grateful.
The full list - to the main page.

All I shall answer questions and I shall send more detailed description of a technique and the full list of pieces of music.

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I search for sponsors and the volunteer assistants, interested the help e\eee to finance promotion of an author's technique - education in children of feeling of beauty.
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