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The teacher searches for sponsor's support for free distribution
Techniques of musical-aesthetic education.


An author's technique of domestic and out-of-class musical-aesthetic education - for parents, students of pedagogical educational institutions and professional tutors.
Simple technique - education of feeling of beauty and harmony at children - with use of musical records.


Your help is necessary for us. Our project requires material and information support.


I have an author's technique of domestic and out-of-class musical-aesthetic education. I have thought up her in 1986 - and have tested at school ? 1003 of Moscow within 2th years. Results appeared rather encouraging (in detail it is described on my site - the address at the end of the letter).

Music is the most powerful means of education, and certainly - RE-EDUCATIONS and children, and adults. In fact at a level of subconsciousness, during immersing in a condition admiration of beauty of music, priorities - that vary and meaningly the person varies (here I do not want to leave in psychological details of process is yet the main thing).

I for a long time search for support on development of the technique - more precisely, on creation of the information and methodical center for distribution of materials and training of parents and tutors to this method. In the beginning it was in Minkultury and Minobrazovanija - there to me have told, that " all this already is ". Then I addressed in different schools - but was found out, that education of feeling of beauty a little whom interests (much more interestingly and perspektivnee to learn children to a computer and a banking).

In 1998 I at last (under the insisting of my friends) have sent a technique in the Center of remote formation "Eidos" of Academy of pedagogical sciences of Russia. To my pleasure and surprise a technique at once have published, having placed as well the reference to the original and full version to my site. (If you in any large search Russian system in the Internet will type " the Technique of musical-aesthetic education " - that will see references to my technique.)

I some years try to earn money for the center itself - but, probably, simply is not given. And already some very clever people speak me, that I am engaged in nonsense, trying to earn itself - it is possible, they are right. In fact in the world very many rich people which very much would want to give money for good business - and I know, that business which I offer, good.

Most likely, someone already it a similar technique - but in fact the Center "Eidos" of Academy the teacher. Sciences has published my technique, as original. I, unfortunately, appeared not so successful businessman to allocate the sum of 70-100 thousand dollars on serious statement of distribution of my technique (if frankly at me and 5 thousand are not present).

I certainly do something - and even letters with blagodarnostjami I receive (the truth, for some reason it is more from the Russian mums living abroad, instead of in Russia). Unfortunately, that money which I earn, suffices only on dispatch of letters on the Internet - and, I am engaged in it personally to the detriment of my basic earnings.

On what the specified sum is necessary. The confidence that within 4-5 years - at very economic expenditure of means - I can support the project in an efficient condition is necessary for me. Despite of conversations on development the Internet in the Russian formation (by the way, to V.V.Putinu simply tell lies - as well as about much other - about a condition of this branch) - 99 percent of tutors in Russia have no in general any access to the Internet. Therefore the technique - as well as on education - needs to be dispatched many other grants usual mail.

It would be possible to begin on the basis of any working establishment - but it already was. The management very quickly closed this work - too obviously children to me lasted. And it for some reason and to teachers was not pleasant to administration (however, in Russia much occurs "for some reason"). Therefore I need to do the project irrespective of those who at any time can close this project.

Probably, in the near future I izdam a technique the brochure at own expense - but hardly it will be enough. And in fact in an amicable way it would be necessary in all schools and nurseries sadiki to dispatch. And in a colony too - it is clear in fact whom children therefrom leave.

If you can help me and there will be people or the organizations which will allocate even any part of the given sum, I am ready, naturally to report on expenses.

Even if you cannot give me advice where me to find financing on distribution of my technique, there can be you can spread this technique somehow.

As on a site practically completely the technique is described, her ALL interested persons - both parents, and professional tutors can use.


You can help also in different other ways, besides the financial help. Transfer and purchase of the equipment (more powerful computer, the modern printer, kardtridzhi, etc.), payment of the edition of the brochure, purchase of audio and videocassettes for post dispatch there where there is no Internet. You can pay access in the Internet. There would be a desire.

You can make translation of a technique into foreign language - while we cannot pay this work, but it can become your charitable contribution to our project.

If you want to help our project any serious sum of money - to not translate at once all money better. We prefer to receive the financial help small parts - the big sum of Russia will simply select (such things at us trace through the Internet).
Therefore the financial help in any size is better for transferring only after personal meeting with me.

Volunteer assistants also are necessary for us. At the given stage while money yet have not started to act, this work cannot be paid. But in process of receipt of means we can give paid work as that of you who can successfully consult with it.

You can help our project very simply (without dependence from an opportunity of rendering of the financial help):

1. To familiarize with a technique - the address in the bottom of page.
2. If the technique has liked you, SIMPLY dispatch this letter of ALL 5-oe (five) people or the organizations - on your discretion. Can dispatch and on a lot of addresses. It will be your participation in the charitable project.

Simply think: if each of you will dispatch this letter to only 5 (five) people - and it will occur all once a day - in 2 weeks this letter will receive more than 6 billion addressees.

The part of these people will become interested - many of them have children.
The part read will pay attention to education of children - and someone for certain will start to apply a method or his elements in practice.
In result the world hardly becomes better.

And it will take place due to you.

In total FIVE addresses.

P.S. If you want to render the financial help, call or write to me - I shall tell how to transfer or transfer money.

I suggest rich people to enclose a part of your money in kind business,
For which many children and adult people will be grateful to you very long.
You will remember are I guarantee.

For example, the similar trade mark or any another under your discretion can stand on all our dispatches, brochures, and a site in the Internet: " our work now is done much more successfully, than earlier - and for it we in many respects want to thank such... "

There is also other offer - for EVERYONE who will want to be the sponsor - and to help work which is done by me and my adherents. Perhaps, there will be people to which will simply want to enclose money in necessary to all put. If will want to enclose enough, it is possible to make an educational institution.

Imagine for a minute such picture, sirs patrons of art - the Children's Center of Beauty where go to study teachers from many regions of Russia and from other countries. And in the street at an input the board " our Center hangs is constructed on means..... Also there is YOUR surname ". And inside opposite to an input your portrait hangs. And so will be very long. And when you come to look, as affairs are - you are met with colors by grateful children.

You want, that there there was a surname of the foreigner? It is possible, so it and will be.

I hope, that those who will be interested with this announcement, well enough understand a life and people - and can easily define, whether who I such and dostoin trust.

I hope, that I can receive the help - from funds and private persons who really want to help with education of children with healthy mentality and nervous system. Because I know: in Russia many the rich people, wishing to do kind affairs.

I address to sponsors also because to bank, for example, as to the organization to address it is practically useless: as to put in pawn at me there is nothing, and the project obviously not commercial. In today's Russia the Culture cannot be self-supporting. (Show business here does not mean - all this, everything, but only not culture).

I work with children, I learn them to be pleased to beauty - also I work with parents and tutors.

One known and very clever person has told: " we want that our children did not conduct such dangerous life as we - we want, that our children were artists, musicians, composers, lawyers "

I too want it - but at me while few means. And for this reason business goes much more slowly, than could.

You can read my technique on a site. The address - is lower. With me can personally get acquainted - as it will be convenient for you.

There are also other plans - all on a theme of education at children of feeling of Beauty.

Yours faithfully

E-mail: Ra@hs.ru Vladimir-Sunny@yandex.ru
Skype: vladimir_sunny

Russia. Moscow.

About a recognition of the Technique professionals. 

Hardly  less  four years ago, in December, 1998, the Technique has been published by the Center  of remote  formation "Eidos" (if I have correctly understood, this Center works  under  home nursing  of the Russian  Academy of pedagogical sciences). And was as well the address  in  the Internet  on  which  there is an original (constantly supplemented) version is published.

Except for that. If  in  search  machines  a Yandex, Ramlber and others to include search on  keywords   " the Technique  of musical-aesthetic education " it is possible to see,  that parental and pedagogical sites refer to  the given   technique some  (can  be  even - tens).

Now it is planned to issue, for example, a technique as the brochure - because  overwhelming majority of children's educational and educational establishments and , especially parents in Russia and the CIS, have no opportunity of access to the Internet. And accordingly

Therefore  interested persons can help to not transfer at all to me any material means   - and simply to issue the Technique on the money in the city e\eee region and  ?acaaou\?acineaou  the brochure  on  children's homes, kindergardens, schools, parental associations  and  other  similar  institutions.  It is possible to sell also the brochure with the Technique through bookshops and local departments of formation. It is possible to advertise also the Technique on the sites.

At once  I shall make a reservation,  that in the Technique there can be rather disputable in many respects the things connected  to the Russian reality - such as she is seen by me. My opinion, certainly, subjectively.

Therefore those who will want to issue the Technique - can remove before the publication from it EVERYTHING,  that  will consider  necessary. It is possible to not coordinate it at all with me. The unique request - to keep everything, as to actually Method.

A simple technique for parents and professional teachers.
Education of feeling of beauty  at children - by means of musical records.

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